“Alcantara for Jaguar Italy”: Can you Imagine?

“Alcantara for Jaguar Italy”: Can you Imagine?

MILAN, Apr 23, 2011/ — The unparalleled elegance of Alcantara® style and Jaguar design come face to face in a special project: Alcantara® for Jaguar Italia. The interior of a Jaguar XKR, on display for the occasion of the Fuori Salone 2011 at the Superstudio Più, was upholstered in “Firenze” Prince of Wales from the new Alcantara® INTERIORS collection designed by Giulio Cappellini and Paola Navone.

This prototype was built specifically for the 2011 Salone del Mobile and heightens the intensity of contemporary sports luxury and the close attention to detail that is characteristic of this new Jaguar XKR.

Thanks to the elegance and refinement of an upholstery that is usually dedicated to the world of interior design, Alcantara® enhances the luxurious qualities of the automobile’s interior while remaining in total harmony with the sports nature of the exterior’s new look.

An exercise in style which was created exclusively for this occasion, in which the contrast between black and white of the new Alcantara® INTERIORS collection is skilfully blended in both its interior and exterior with the style and sportiness of a black Jaguar XKR displayed on a white exhibitor’s platform.

The car is a XKR 75, a limited edition realized for the celebration of Jaguar 75th anniversary, with higher performance in comparison with the XKR production car.

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