Bikini Malfunctions: Now a Thing of The Past With New Swimwear Accessory!

Problem: Bikini wearers often find that while their ensembles are perfect for sunbathing, when partaking in more active endeavors like surfing, water skiing, jumping waves or swimming, a wardrobe malfunction can often ensue.

Solution: the No Show Active Top by Solis Active — part bikini,sports bra, rash guard and cover up, all zipped into one — a swimwear hybrid.

The company slogan, “no more peek-a-boob,” rings true for those who want to feel sexy in a revealing bikini top but need support and coverage in order to engage in water and/or beach sports.

It is designed to be worn over a bikini top, allowing a woman to wear it when she wants to play and simply remove it when she wants to sunbathe, all without the need for a changing room.

The No Show Active Top by Solis Active has halter style with zip front reduces tan lines. It’s available in solids, dots, and multi-colored patterns. Priced at $34.95 and made in the USA

Sizes: small (32A-32C), medium (32C-34C), large (34D-36D), and extra large (38C-40DD)