Civic Action Shoes Made of FedEx Envelopes

Civic Action Shoes Made of FedEx Envelopes

LOS ANGELES, Nov 29, 2010 / FW/ — No matter where it’s going, it will be there at 10:00 AM just took on another meaning when Civic Duty, a new line of futuristic sneakers came into the market announcing that it is made up of indestructible FedEx envelopes.

So, “will be there at 10:00 AM,” can now mean walking to your place, instead of the red, blue and orange truck on your street.

And for the avid video gamers and sci-fi fans out there, imagine a typical pair of Chucks, reworked for Tron (we hear there’s a whole subplot about FedExing stuff).

So after they’re dyed in a bright color (red, blue, two shades of brown) and sewn to a recyclable rubber sole, they go through a wrinkling process to give them the look of crumpled-up paper. (Trust us: everyone’s going to be wearing crumpled paper next spring.)

The result: easily the most elegant way to strap some envelopes to your feet. Also: a handsome pair of shoes that happens to be pretty easy to pack.

So if you plan on turning your next Tokyo business trip into an all-night karaoke marathon with the locals (and you do), you’ll want to tuck a pair of these into any available corner of your carry-on before jetting off.

We just wouldn’t suggest airmailing anything home in them.