Day 1: New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

Day 1: New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

NEW YORK, Sep 9, 2010/ FW/ — Lincoln Center, here we are! First day, first show, first glimpse… Today is everyone’s debut at Bryant Park.

But before everything else, let me say that the official name of the event is MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK, but I have to use New York Fashion Week on the title because I will be blogging about things outside the purvue of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and under the umbrella of the more generic New York Fashion Week.

That said… here goes…

One big improvement is checking in. Before it takes you 30 minutes at least. Today, for every show I had, it took me a few minutes to check in. Thanks to the new fashion gps system.

I have only one gripe, my badge is not in the system! As a former IT professional I know that there is usually one or two rows of data that gets lost or corrupted during data migration and it just happened to be mine.

Sure, it’s a pain, but it is not something I will complain about. I could of course ask the techies kook fix it but before they could get to it, fashion week will be over.

Again, it is no biggie. Being in the system can save me a few minutes to check in, but then I would have missed speaking with Ali and Ashley, my favorite PRs at Paul Wilmott Communications. So, the database dropping me is actually a blessing in disguise..

I love the new look and I love the new energy of fashion week at the Lincoln Center though I ca honestly say also that I miss the frentic pace of Bryant Park.


New York Fashion Week Spring 2011