Day 5: Starbucks Reclaims its Fashionable Status

Day 5: Starbucks Reclaims its Fashionable Status

Musings on New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

NEW YORK, Sep 13, 2010/ FW/ — For a long time, Starbucks is the mainstream high fashion coffee. Even in “The Devil Wears Prada ” we saw Anne Hathaway’s Andrea balancing several steaming cups of Starbucks coffee for Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly.

But, the Great Recession came and fortunes changed. People forewent Starbucks for normal coffee. And to make things more interesting, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts also started promoting their coffee, gourmet or otherwise.

Beating Starbucks at its own game, McDonalds came to the fashion “tents” first. Testing its McCafe with fashionistas and allowing the very active and highly opinionated fashion press to do the talking, McDonalds caught the attention of image conscious coffee drinkers.

Surprise!!! McDonald’s McCafé is the new coffee of fashionistas and Starbucks found itself trying to keep up.

And another surprising situation is Starbucks is only promoting its Frapuccino. As sponsors, they could promote anything they want to. Yet, most of the tent’s denizen felt that Starbucks was being stingy after experiencing McDonald’s McCafé’s full coffee bar.

Which returns us once again to AOL which is trying to woo customers but gives the fashion week attendees bad internet connection; and this also brings us to the question, what are these companies trying to achieve?

Photo by Mari Davis

New York Fashion Week Spring 2011