MYKITA MYLON: The Perfect Sports Companions

MYKITA MYLON: The Perfect Sports Companions

mykita mylon 2014 (5)MYKITA MYLON blurs the border between fashion and sports. State-of-the-art design coupled with a material that boasts individual adjustability, low weight and extreme durability make these spectacles both an outstanding sporting companion and a perfect everyday accessory.

MYKITA MYLON glasses are available both as optical and sunglasses fitted with lenses from optical specialist ZEISS. The tinted lenses provide maximum glare control plus 100% protection against UV rays.

An exclusive golden anti-reflective coating ensures that unwelcome reflections are reduced to a minimum. A scratch-resistant and hydrophobic nano-coating immediately makes any drops of water bead up and roll off the lenses, thus simplifying the cleaning process while ensuring maximum visual comfort.

mykita mylon 2014 (1)ZEISS and MYKITA have also developed two lenses specifically for golfers that are color optimized to increase the contrast on the green. MYKITA MYLON frames can alternatively be ordered with polarizing lenses that absorb reflections e.g. on the piste, in watersports or while driving your car.

The MYKITA MYLON glacier glasses are the perfect sports companions. The removable side clips are an avant-garde alternative to the leather sections of 1950s alpine goggles that protect from both sun and wind.

The lenses are made of mineral glass, which delivers top-caliber vision and is also known for its extremely robust quality. Gently breathing on the lenses reveals the MYKITA MYLON glacier logo. The ultra light glasses hug the shape of the wearer’s head, while the flexible temples retreat similarly comfortably under any helmet – an absolute fusion of functionality and aesthetics.

The evolution of the MYKITA MYLON frames began with a new production process: selective laser sintering enables the creation of objects in every possible geometrical configuration. Layer by layer a super-fine polyamide powder is turned via Co2 laser sintering into three-dimensional objects that are fed in beforehand in data form.

In 2007 MYKITA began experimenting with the polyamide material, aiming to pioneer it in the production of eyewear. Several years of research were invested in the development of a complex, patented process in which the raw surface of the material is prepared and rendered wearable in a series of stages, giving the frames a unique visual and tactile appeal.