Porsche Design Presents New Men’s Fragrance: Porsche Design 180

Porsche Design Presents New Men’s Fragrance: Porsche Design 180
Porsche Design 180. Some Scents Bring Back Memories. Others Inspire New Ones.

porsche design 180 perfumeThe suit fits perfectly. The accessories match. There is only one thing missing: The perfect fragrance.

As a scent represents the personality of the wearer and leaves a lasting impression, selecting the proper one requires attention to detail. Porsche Design has always known what matters most to the modern, demanding man and understands the process involved.

The history of Porsche Design Fragrances started in 2008 with The Essence. The cool and spicy essence in the turquoise block-of-ice-bottle quickly evolved into the new icon of fragrances, soon followed by Porsche Design Sport, the fresh-masculine Titan, and the aromatic-spicy Palladium in 2015.

Now it’s time for the next step. Time for a fragrance that doesn’t just recall old memories. It’s time for a fragrance, which creates new ones.

With Porsche Design 180, the exclusive lifestyle brand presents an elegant, yet masculine scenting experience perfectly suited for today’s urban lifestyle. This is reinforced by its eye-catching bottle, who’s iconic shape and haptic make it truly unique.

The Vision

The goal was a pure and dynamic new men’s fragrance with an innovative bottle with an inventive twist, which thrills enthusiasts of functional design through advanced materials and performance.

The Fragrance

Porsche Design 180 is a contemporary interpretation of the classic, aromatic Fougère. The inspiration for perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu was the universe of Porsche Design and the way they impressively link design and function, technology and innovation, and heritage with modern lifestyle. He translated this concept into an elegant, yet masculine and expressive creation, which embodies these attributes.

The scent opens with invigorating citrus chords meeting sweet, spicy cardamom. In the powerful heart, fragrant and spicy notes of aromatic clary sage and black pepper blend with an energetic hint of iced coffee. For the base, cedar and vetiver were chosen for their classic, noble woodiness, which gains memorable power from a surprising vanilla note.

The distinctive aroma of vanilla bean was extracted by redefining molecular structures using a specific technology of modern fragrance manufacturing. The result is an added hint of fine leather to the sweet facets of vanilla for a more masculine touch.

The Scent Profile
  • Top note: Cardamom, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit
  • Heart note: Clary Sage, Iced Coffee, Black Pepper
  • Base note: Cedarwood, Vetiver, Vanilla Bean Extract
The Bottle

The cylindrical bottle inspires with its extraordinary design and functionality. Thanks to its straight angles and uniform curves, the bottle is a true object d’art, making an attractive addition to any fragrance collection. A lightweight aluminum casing, textured with a matte metallic finish, underscores the contrast between the senses.

A literal unexpected twist makes the bottle of Porsche Design 180 truly special: rotating the matte-black-base to the left by 180 degrees makes the atomizer raise upward. Repeat the process in the opposite direction and the button retracts to close the bottle. This protects the cologne from UV-light and makes it safe to use in a travel case: An elegantly clever, yet functional solution, combining innovative technology with contemporary fragrance at its best.

The Assortment

Eau de Toilette 50 ml/ $75

Eau de Toilette 100 ml/ $105

Hair & Body Shampoo 200 ml/ $105

Porsche Design 180 is available as of December 2018 at exclusive perfume retailers, Porsche Design Stores, and online at www.porsche-design.com.