Playland Xmas: Travel & Sport at yoox.com

KUBE Soccer ball

KUBE Soccer ball

MILAN, Nov 24, 2010 / — Straight out of the pages of a storybook season, yoox.com is an international click-stop for the sports enthusiast and jetsetter featuring everything from fashion, design, jewellery, books, toys and even something for our four-legged friends.


Run around like you still believe in Santa Claus. A traditional Christmas gift, the skipping rope is revisited by Philippe Starck for Alias complete with matching dumbbells or opt to remove the Christmas kilos with a selection of items from the collection Wellness Tools by Technogym, Kube soccer balls featuring manga prints, and boxing accessories from Italian label BoxItalia.


Set your imagination free. Travel-hop with the weird and the wonderful including a boxed set of Wallpaper city guides to the world’s fashion cities, Pijama laptop covers and Mark’s Inc notebooks to record those all-important airport meltdowns.