#TBT 2019 Città dei Sassi Fashion Awards

#TBT 2019 Città dei Sassi Fashion Awards

Città dei Sassi Fashion Awards

The “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Award for the year 2019 is linked to the protection of the cultural heritage of the two beauty excellences Matera and Venice: two of the greatest Italian beauties that are cultural heritage of the whole world.

A success of public, of criticism, of style, of elegance, of internationality at the XI edition of the “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Award.

Great success for the “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Award where sensuality, passion, originality and internationality characterized the eleventh edition.

The 2019 Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” is an event dedicated to national and international excellences (fashion, fashion, arts, design, cinema, music, food) born in 2008 from the passion that characterizes Sabrina Gallitto’s “Publimusic.com” together to “Culturae Artem” with the aim of identifying and rewarding fashion designer creators, rewarding national and international excellence and enhancing the Lucanian territory as the ideal setting for the “Sassi” of Matera (UNESCO World Heritage Site), an evocative and unique landscape in the world .

The event is an extraordinary emotional journey, a tribute to the Made in Italy and Italian culture that winds through the limestone caves and the rocky churches of Matera silhouetted against a fiery sky. It is right here in Basilicata (Italy), in one of the three oldest cities in the world still inhabited today that it has become the European Capital of Culture, that the “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Prize has chosen to reward National and International Excellence.

The event, now in its 11th edition – designed and organized by “Publimusic.com by Sabrina Gallitto” and “Culturae Artem”; artistic director Enzo Centonze, format director Paolo Fumarulo, director and choreography by Stefania Coralluzzo, press office and public relations Nicola Altomonte, video productions Salvatore Gentile, photographs Sandro Quarto, Enzo Dell’Atti and Max Arcano, saw National and International Excellence in the luxurious location “Alvino 1884 – Hotel & Meeting” – Matera (Italy), a historic pasta factory in the city of Matera, an important example of restoration and conservative intervention entrusted to the architect and director of AD- Architectural Digest Italy Ettore Mocchetti.
During the evening the dancers and choreographers of contemporary dance Maria Rinaldi and Giorgio Mogavero performed with their contemporary dance performances while the conduct of the evening was entrusted to the actor and television presenter Beppe Convertini.

Media partner “Book”, “Montenapoleoneweb”, “Fashion Channel”. Created under the patronage and collaboration of the Basilicata Region, the Province and Municipality of Matera, the Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, the APT Tourism Promotion Agency of Basilicata and the Lucana Film Commission,

To complete the look of the models the hair stylists and make-up artist Professional Group.

The “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Award for the year 2019 is linked to the protection of the cultural heritage of the two beauty excellences Matera and Venice: in a context that aims to enhance Italian excellence, a message could not be missing from Matera in opportunity of the Città dei Sassi Fashion Award to greet an ideal twinning between two of the greatest Italian beauties that are cultural heritage of the whole world: Matera and Venice.
“Venice and Matera, geographically distant, but united not only by a prestigious path of beauty and art, today suffer together for the” evil “of climate change that is endangering the enormous cultural heritage”.
It is, in fact, two completely different heritages that however have in common the non-reproducibility in different contexts: in other words, the beauties of Italy would not be such in any other part of the world as, in the same way, creativity, the craftsmanship and the excellence of Made in Italy have no equal. and therefore they must be protected and safeguarded.
The Matera event for fashion, an event that celebrates beauty in the most precious forms of high fashion and craftsmanship that is one of the inextinguishable forces in both realities, wanted to dedicate a collective moment of participation entrusted to two testimonials deeply linked to this reality.
With a very brief speech, during the event Premio Moda Città dei Sassi, the Lorenzo Rota, architect, teacher, writer, author of the book “Matera, history of a city”, and Luciana Boccardi, journalist, writer, Venetian of water (as he likes to define himself), above all a lover of his fabulous city, will accompany us in a singular “Matera- Venice: twinning of beauty 2019”.
On this occasion, an object of rare excellence was presented, produced in Basilicata by one of the most appreciated craftsmen for loom work: Donato Cirella, from Pomarico (Italy), who for his “city of art” collection which is enriched every year by an Italian city of beauty – has created an over-pull that in the front shows Venice in its sky-line lying on the water and in the back, full-size field, the most famous symbol of Venice: the lion of St. Mark.

The evening saw the 2019 “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Prize awarded – National and International Excellence Award for very important and important personalities and realities linked to the world of fashion – fashion – arts – design – Cinema – music – food. Among these: Alfredo Cestari (President of
the Cestari Group), Antonia Dell’Atte (Top model), Francesco Abbondanza (chef), Maria Corbi (editor in chief of La Stampa), Marzio Nocera (Director of Fashion Channel), Rocco Luigi Sassone (President of Ingest) and Tony di Corcia (journalist-writer).

The Career Prize was awarded: Giovanni Gastel (photographer), Ettore Mocchetti (architect and director AD Architectural Digest Italy),

Guests of honor of the evening who were awarded the 2019 Fashion Prize “Città dei Sassi” – Award of National and International Excellences the fashion houses: Celestino (previewed the A / I 2010 collection inspired by style and refined elegance of the ’20s in the wake of that identity that has always characterized the Made in Italy), Jamal Taslaq (with his latest collection “Armonia” designed for femininity, with unique lines inspired by his native Palestine), Maison Enrico Coveri (with his collection dedicated to all the colors of the rainbow, of prints and sequins), Mario Dice (with his collection tells the movement of the “Mods”, boys of medium-low social backgrounds that abolished conventional clothing types, they loved to dress in black and white), Paolo Fumarulo (his latest collection, experiments plasma, transforms, goes beyond the boundaries of reality, creating original fusions between transparencies and ef fetto nude).
They received the Career Award: Rocco Barocco (his collection is inspired by “The seven deadly sins”. A superb collection, with chiffon and silks, finished with lace that represents the essence of elegance in a modern vision) , Raffaella Curiel (presented the historical garments of her collections).

The winners received the sculpture “Rose Window Cathedral” which was created using an artisanal lost wax casting process, inspired by the rose window of the Cathedral Church of Matera that has always represented the Moda® “Città dei Sassi” Award. The artifact was created by the artist Alex P & Goielli and Sculture with the support of Forte Gioielli jewelery.

During the evening the young designers Anna Mattarocci, Carmela Fortunato, Johanth Chacon, Vincenza Lacava and Claudia Perdicchia, finalists of the previous editions of the “Città dei Sassi” Fashion Prize, presented their creations dedicated to Matera European Capital of Culture.

Also present at the event were journalists: Bea Spediacci (Fashion Channel), Luciana Boccardi (Il Gazzettino) Maria Corbi (La Stampa), Paola Cacianti (fashion and costume expert).

Another moment of great interest was the presentation in the Church of Malvinni-Malvezzi Palazzo Gattini Luxury Hotel – Matera (Italy) of the book “Giorgio Armani il re della moda italiana” (ed. Cairo) of the journalist and writer Tony di Corcia. Apart from the writer, the moderator was Paola Cacianti (journalist, history and costume expert), Antonia Dell’Atte (top model and inspirational muse of Giorgio Armani) and Rosalba Stasolla (professor of costume history).
History, fashion, women, private life are the main ingredients of this book which, through unpublished documents, rare archive images and oral testimonies, traces the history and evolution of Italian fashion through the biography of the world’s most famous stylist Giorgio Armani.
Completing the 2019 Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi” was the presentation of the photo exhibition “Cecchi Gori – Una famiglia italiana” which took place in the same location.
The exhibition honors the great Tuscan dynasty, one of the most important productive realities in the history of Italian cinema. It is based entirely on unpublished materials, from the private archive of Vittorio Cecchi Gori and rediscovered for the homonymous documentary produced by Giuseppe Lepore and directed by Simone Isola and Marco Spagnoli, tells the golden years of Italian cinema: beautiful years, years even “easy” as a movie of the time said, but above all unrepeatable and unforgettable years.

The eleventh edition of the 2019 Fashion Award “Città dei Sassi”, held on the occasion of the closing ceremony of Matera European Capital of Culture, is all to remember, one of those events that cross the spell of being special with a new vision of Matera through the language of fashion, ready to face a new and long journey with its great beauty and give new suggestions and send a message to the world on the protection of the Italian cultural and artistic heritage.

Photos by Sandro Quarto, courtesy