The Dating Game: There’s an App for that!

The Dating Game: There’s an App for that!

smartphoneDALLAS, Nov 25, 2009 / FW/ — If we start asking our phones if we have Mr. Right or Ms. Right in front of us, then we better ask if mankind has really moved forward from the Middle Ages when the stars decide whom we will marry.

In the article “Is your date a ‘stud or dud? Ask your phone,” the author discussed several smartphone applications that do background checks via Google about your date.

From marital status – married, divorce, single to if he or she filed bankruptcy, the lighthearted iPhone apps “Stud or Dud?” and “Are They Really Single?” to DateCheck might sound fun in the beginning, but they can actually a hornet’s nest on an individual’s privacy.

But, those are things that lawyers and lawmakers will have to debate on. For, laymen like us, the question really is, are we going to trust our smart phones more than our instincts and our feelings? What has happened to romance?

Are we no better than our Middle Ages counterparts who looked up at the stars to find their future mates; that instead of reading tea leaves, we just reach for our iPhones and google?