Thomas Voorn Shows Off His Green Thumb with Herbarium at Home

Thomas Voorn Shows Off His Green Thumb with Herbarium at Home

PARIS, Nov 4, 2010 / FW/ — Dutch designer & art director Thomas Voorn shows off his green thumb with the launch of “Herbarium at Home”, a collection of floral wallpapers, clothing and home accessories.

Home grown, nurtured, handpicked an photographed by the designer himself, it took Thomas Voorn two years to create 24 spring /summer prints and 19 autumn/ winter prints, calling the collection of florals ‘Fashion Herbarium’.

The familiar floral print is subtly twisted and translated into a contemporary variation. The designs are sharp and photographic, as well as subtly distorted in pattern to give them a handmade feel.

For ‘Fashion Herbarium – spring’ Voorn picked fresh flowers and plants from his spring garden. ‘Fashion Herbarium – fall’ shows faded flowers and dead plants. This herbarium includes a series of ‘Conifur’: faux fur prints made of dried conifer twigs. Other elements in the autumn florals are windswept leafs and a Dutch duck.

Refering to his background as a trained fashion designer (Central Saint Martins college of art & design, London) Voorn invites the viewer to imagine garments with prints like ‘Conifur coat’.

Thomas Voorn brings the ‘Fashion Herbarium – fall’ into practice in his 4th edition of the ‘Coming Home series’. Voorn started the ‘Coming Home series’ in 2007 as a search for a contemporary clash & match of floral prints in fashion.

This time with floral wallpapers, bedding, clothing, cakes, tiles, toilets and more. In typical Voorn style, like with his ‘Garment Graffiti’ he is balancing between dosis & overdosis, object & surroundings.

Thomas Voorn subtly twists reality and winks to daily life in his new ‘Fashion Herbarium in practice – Coming Home series no. 04’: a Winter Rhubarb bedroom with Mayday Tree duvet cover, Japanese Beautyberry pillowcase and Dried Flowers mattress cover. A guy in a Japanese Maple bodystocking. A demonstration for or against Conifur.

Fashion Herbarium in practice – Coming Home series no. 04 is funded by the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

Dutch fashion illustrator Piet Paris, inspired by ‘Fashion Herbarium in practice’, commissioned Voorn to design a Herbarium bedroom. Studio Thomas Voorn produced floral wallpapers, curtains, pillowcases, a kingsize bedspread and a rug for Paris’ Amsterdam apartment.

For this commission Voorn created a subtle clash & match of floral prints from ‘Fashion Herbarium – spring’ and ‘Fashion Herbarium – fall’.

Thomas Voorn works on commission, translating his autonomous concepts into commercial projects for a wide range of clients, including advertising agency Fallon London, Margreeth Olsthoorn shops and Elle Magazine.

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