Tips On How To Save Water In Our Daily Lives

Tips On How To Save Water In Our Daily Lives

save waterYou can contribute in your efforts to save water in a big way. Nearly 70 % of the earth is covered with water but to human races only 1 % is accessible. Water resources are depleting and with every passing day the situation is becoming worse.

So, the need of the hour is to use water in a proper way and conserve it for the future generations. Though your home might have an abundant supply of water, but to conserve water for your future generations becomes your responsibility. In reducing use of water, it can contribute to less electricity bills in a direct or indirect manner.

With water being a scarce resource to saving water and restrict their usage is the way to move forward. Each one of us can implement various methods so as to reduce the loss of water. But at the same time the water that you drink should be pure otherwise you are inviting harmful diseases.

A RO plant for home is a nice way in providing access to safe drinking water. Now coming back to our earlier question on how to save water, there are various ways by which you can save water in our daily day to day lives as follows

To save water in our bathroom
  • Fixing leaks- leaks in your toilet taps or pipes can result in around 11,000 litres of water being wasted. Just check out for any bath fittings on whether they are any form of leakages and ensure that the leaks are repaired as soon as possible. Not only this would prevent wastage of water but no damage to your ceilings or walls will occur
  • When brushing or shaving turning off the water supply- a faucet or tap in about a minute wastes around 10 litres of water. Do not leave the tap open when you are shaving or brushing. Once you wet the brush turn off the faucet and when it is time to rinse turn it on.
  • After washing your hands turn off the tap- when scrubbing your hands does not leave the tap on. Once you wet your hands turn off the tap and ready to rinse turn it on.
  • Less water with flush- in comparison to the new ones the older flush uses around 3 to 4 litres of water more. The old flush toilet can be converted into a new flush toilet.
How to save water with the use of washing machines
  • Replacement of an old inefficient washing machine with a new efficient washing machine- the top loading old style machines absorb around 150 litres of water with a single wash. This can be reduced by 50 % once you purchase high quality top loading machines. They go on to use less water and electricity as compared to the less efficient ones.
  • No point to run empty washing machines- do not commit the mistake of running a washing machine for a single shirt or a couple of socks, ensure that you are washing a full bucket of laundry. When you are washing your clothes choose the economy mode as it is going to save water along with electricity.
  • Washing certain items less- there are certain items like sweaters or woollen clothes that is not going to require washing every time you use it. Not only it is going to save water but reduce the wear or tear on your clothes.
Saving water outdoors
  • Water meter installation- Not only it will help you figure out the exact amount of water you need but it would prevent wastage of water. The reason being sure of the amount of water you need you cannot go on to minimize wastage. Once you go on to install a water meter you might be surprised to find on the exact amount of water you are using. With a meter it is also possible to detect leaks. Take the reading, then for a couple of hours do not switch on any taps and take the reading. If any difference in the reading occurs an obvious fact is that there is some form of leak
  • If you have water shortage no need to plant grass- if you reside in an area where there is water shortage, then the best piece of advice is not to plant any grass as it requires a lot of water. A better choice would be to grow plants that are not going to need a lot of water.
  • For washing your car use a bucket- Once you use a bucket this is going to require a little bit more effort, but water wastage can be prevented when you are allowing water through a pipe.
  • Preventing overflow- Any resident or commercial premises has an overhead tank for water storage. A common sight is to see our neighbour’s tank overflowing at some point of time. There are various ways by which we can stop the overflow of water and installation of a float valve is the best solution. This is an inexpensive device that prevents overflowing of water. Once the water touches the maximum level, it prevents the overflowing of water.
  • Incorporating smart tactics on your garden and the plants- the home garden can be kept healthy and green without wasting a lot of water. You have to water areas that are truly going to need them. An ideal solution would be to water them in the morning or in the evening as they are known to evaporate quickly. No point to water on a rainy day as the water is going to seep in. Suppose you are using a pipe incorporate a spray gun towards the end.

Let us take the pledge that all of us are going to save water. The onus is on you to become more responsible and save the earth and do not leave things before it becomes too late. At the same time drinking of pure quality water is important as a water purifier service is the best resort.

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