Aphrodite and Artemis: Pure and Edgy Theme in Nunkis Collection

Nunkis Aphrodite (1)

PARIS, Jan 4, 2014/ — ‘Aphrodite Bucket bag’ has brought about its surface to be identified as pure, displaying its dominant genuine leather surface unflawed, the handle of each bucket calls for its determined precious and sensational texture of galuchat skin.

The clutches ‘Aphrodite’ and ‘Artémis’ both completes the bucket bag for end of the day to evening with a call to almost as precious as a jeweled accessory maintaining each style of its own, Aphrodite as a more feminine and opulent choice, while as, Artémis towards an edgy and a bit masculine appeal.

Number of Pieces: 3, ‘Aphrodite bucket bag’, ‘Aphrodite’ clutch/wrist bag, ‘Artémis’ clutch/wrist bag completes each other from day to evening.
Materials – Galuchat or Sting Ray leather, Genuine Leather
Finish: Brass and Hand sewn

Photos courtesy of Nunkis