Casual designer men’s t-shirts

Casual designer men’s t-shirts

LONDON, Feb 20, 2012/ — T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for any guy. They can also act as a statement way to stand out in a crowd, especially styles that offer bold graphic prints and colours. Whether you opt for a standard V-neck style or a simple crew neck cut, every guy will own an assortment of statement tees in their wardrobe.

T-shirts are in fact the new shirts in more modern offices. Wear a simple tee with a smart blazer, a pair of jeans or chinos and dress shoes. This above outfit will create that perfect casual-cool office attire. If, however, you are looking to stand out from the norm, opt for a slogan enthused or printed tee. Plain tees and polo shirts are great options for those who love to layer; they are also must-have staples in any wardrobe.

The great thing about men’s t-shirts is the fact they can be dressed up or dressed down. This makes them the perfect option for a whole host of occasions.

Many modern stores and boutiques stock a range of designer, retro, funny and cool t shirts. These will make the perfect gift for your guy this season and with so much choice available, there is bound to be a tee to suit his exact personality!

T-shirts also act as great conversation starters, especially if you opt for a slogan shirt. This also makes them the perfect way to silently voice your opinion, whatever the subject matter! Tees are still a great option for any season. Simply layer them over another tee or wear under an open hoody or shirt.

Some places will also stock long-sleeved tees, which again are another great option for winter months, and a great warm gift.