Easy DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

Easy DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

You want to find unique gifts for everyone on your list this holiday season. Rather than search endlessly, have you considered making your own presents?

DIY gifting is a growing trend, providing people the opportunity to create the ideal present with loved ones’ personalities in mind. Because it’s homemade, it’s customizable and one of a kind, with deeper meaning than anything that can be purchased at a store.

Whether you’re an amateur DIYer, an avid crafter or don’t consider yourself creative at all, you can make the perfect holiday gift guaranteed to impress everyone on your list. Here are five easy holiday DIY projects for inspiration:

Canvas handprint art

Handprint art is great if you want to involve kids in DIY gifting. This is a present that can be proudly given from the entire family and has loads of meaning for recipients like grandparents or aunts and uncles. First, get white canvases and acrylic paint from your local craft store. Then gather the kids and cover up clothing (acrylic paint is not washable) and decide what you want to create with their tiny handprints. From green wreaths and holiday trees to thumbprint snowmen and snowflakes, options are endless to make a unique gift that perfectly freezes a moment in time through their hand impressions.

Family ornaments

DIY ornaments become cherished holiday decorations that are loved year after year. Stylish, classic and sentimental, ornaments featuring the silhouettes of your family are guaranteed to become keepsakes. Using the ultimate smart cutting machine, Cricut Maker, you can upload images of your children and family in Cricut Design Space, quickly create a design and then the machine seamlessly cuts the design from your choice of materials. A timeless black vinyl silhouette adhered to a natural wood round, both cut on Cricut Maker, is an elegant ornament. Or, get creative with a standalone silhouette design cut from black leather brushed with glitter. You can even use images of pets if you want to include fur-family members, too.

Cricut Design Space

Hot chocolate in a jar

Tasty treats are plentiful during the holidays, but instead of going with the standard cookies, gift a beautiful mason jar filled with all the ingredients for decadent hot chocolate. Start with a glass mason jar and fill about two-thirds full of hot chocolate mix. Then add in a few small layers of dry extras to customize the flavor, such as chocolate chips, crushed candy canes or peanut-butter chips. Finish with a layer of mini marshmallows and screw on the top. Add a bow and directions for making the hot chocolate and you have an adorable gift for anyone on your list.

Custom t-shirts

Does your mom have a fun nickname? Does your brother have a trademark greeting? Does your best friend adore the ’80s? Pick up any type of plain shirt and get ready to make it spectacular with a few fun catch phrases or designs. Iron-on projects are an easy and fun way to make your gifts truly personal this holiday season. To make custom t-shirts, use the Cricut Maker to cut out your designs and the Cricut EasyPress 2 to get perfect iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. Not feeling a t-shirt? Consider customizing a canvas bag, hat, a special blanket or the sides of socks or a special blanket, if you want to try something different.

All-in-one movie night in

Give the gift of a wonderful night in by creating a movie gift basket customized to your loved one’s personality. First, start with a big container that can hold all the goodies, such as a themed plastic popcorn bowl. Then choose a movie of special meaning, such as a beloved childhood film or one you watched together on a special occasion, like a first date. Include the movie and every treat you can imagine to complete movie night, from popcorn and classic theater boxed candy to comfy extras like a blanket or throw for staying cozy.

With a little DIY ingenuity, some crafting materials and smart tools, you can make the ideal present for everyone on your list. Let your imagination soar and get creative during the most festive time of year.