Façonnable Spring-Summer 2014: Cool Elegance

Façonnable Spring-Summer 2014: Cool Elegance

Faconnable MS14 (4)Now available in stores, the Façonnable Spring/Summer 2014 collection rewrites the rules of modern summer dressing -breezy nights, sunny days and island hopping through the Mediterranean. Façonnable energizes the warm-weather wardrobe with impeccable takes on French casual chic.

A sartorial adventure that begins on the Cote d’Azur and then journeys on to Capri, Santorini and ultimately Zanzibar, the spring collection brims with thoughtfully designed colorful pieces.

Faconnable MS14 (13)Island Hopping: The spirited intersection between adventure and elegance.

Travel enough throughout the Mediterranean during the summer months and you’ll soon come to acknowledge a daily rite — the moment the sun begins to set. Before the day fades into night, the sun makes one final burst of warmth and light, casting an intense but soft glow across everything in its path. It’s here where Façonnable’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection begins.

For men, that means a smattering of smartly tailored pieces, like suede field jackets, duster trenches, functional multi-pocket blazers and colorful chinos. Colors include summery tones, like navy and cerulean blues, bright pops of red and mandarin tones, along with contemporary neutrals, like olive drab.

Faconnable MS14 (11)Special Shirts: The next twist on a Façonnable icon

Maybe more than any other piece of clothing in the collection, Façonnable shirts have become the most beloved. Every season, the design team applies an inventive spirit to this statement – making button-downs, bringing them forward but never forgoing the elements that make them sartorial prizes.

For spring, the collection follows the lead of Façonnable’s Island Hopping guy, bringing a summery twist to versatile button-downs. Blues abound, the shirts feature tonal color blocking often times offset with white. A healthy use of stripes along with some fresh nautical appliques and graphic ethnic embroideries guarantee these shirts will stay ahead of the crowd.

Sartorial: The height of menswear

This season the Sartorial collection takes a decided turn toward the natural and unencumbered, offering a new, easy elegance to classic tailored clothing. Of special note are construction and fabrication. The jacket, often packable, always functional, are crafted in a luxurious cotton, silk and linen blend, which renders them light, plush and infinitely wearable. Details, always a key consideration, are given extra attention this spring. Many jacket feature a built-in gilet that can be easily removed.

Tailored Denim: Menswear basics that are anything but

Drawing inspiration from Henri Matisse’s masterful use of color and fluid brushstrokes, Façonnable’s design team peppered the Tailored Denim collection with artful details and enviable innovations.

From handsomely crafted five-pocket jeans and garment dyed shirts to all-season outerwear pieces, including a reversible leather coat, and uncommon basics, like graphic T-shirts, the collection showcases just how elegant casual clothes can be for your everyday life.

MCCC Collection

Today’s well-heeled man demands quality attire for every facet of his life, including the most active parts. Enter MCCC, Façonnable’sactive range of polos, T-shirts, shirts and contrast sleeve varsity jackets. Designed for the sporting tennis set, comfortableand sophisticated, MCCC takes its inspiration from the famed Monte Carlo Country Club and uses classic French Mediterranean colors, like red, blue and white.