Five Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid

Five Engagement Ring Trends to Avoid

engagement ringAre you ready to pop the question? Selecting an engagement ring must be on top of your mind. There are so many advices out there.

Still, the first thing you REALLY should think about is what you are looking for a ring; and more importantly, what you should avoid.

To help out the future grooms out there, we asked Amish Shah, President of ALTR Created Diamonds, the leader in lab-grown diamonds to share his insight on the trends to avoid in 2019 if you’re – as Beyoncé says – putting a ring on it.

1. He is not the 1 if it’s not a 1 (or more).

We kid… sort of. In 2019, brides will learn that bigger is not only better, but it is also more accessible. Traditionally mined diamonds saw a drop in popularity once brides realized that they could get bigger and better quality stones from their Created counterparts. Further, knowing their ring came from a sustainable and conflict-free source in this day of conscious shopping made – for many – a world of difference.

2. Structural shapes are out as brides embraced their curves.

Emerald and square cut stones saw a serious drop in popularity as brides-to-be turned towards the softer and more feminine curved shapes of oval, round and the it-stone of the moment – pear. The finger-flattering cut channels a retro look that feels simultaneously timeless and utterly modern.

3. Skip the engagement ring/wedding ring set.

In 2019 brides will buck the tradition of a matching wedding band opting instead to rock the engagement ring solo or selecting a band that better fits their personality and style. In fact, many of these more adventurous brides are wearing this ring on their right hand acting as another statement piece in their collection.

4. Don’t be a basic bride.

Colorless stones and white gold or platinum bands are so 2018. The contemporary bride is looking for soft hues of blush, canary and even baby blue in their stone selection, or they opt for a clear center stone set against a flattering rose or yellow gold band. The warmer shades are often a better match for skintones and allow the jewelry to really take center stage.

5. Look towards your life, not just your ring.

Gone are the days when a bride just wanted a ring – now she wants a life! Whether it’s a down payment on a house, putting a dent in that wedding budget, or taking the honeymoon of a lifetime, couples are far more interested in a ring PLUS. With created diamonds, the accessible price point offers a jaw-dropping diamond without having to sacrifice on the rest of your life. Talk about a stepping stone to the future.

Photo by Rachel Pfuetzner on Unsplash