How to Win “Best Awards Show Party” This Year

How to Win “Best Awards Show Party” This Year

Awards Show

Crazy about the movies? Love inviting friends over to watch the awards shows every year? Or maybe thinking about throwing an awards-watching party for the first time? Thrill your friends with a party worthy of the stars, with a focus on fun.

You can win “best producer” for throwing an unforgettable party for your friends, using some of these tips.

Dress the part

Get out your best outfit and encourage all your guests to glam it up for the big night, too. For those who don’t have formal wear and aren’t inclined to rent, you could suggest they dress up as one of their favorite movie characters instead.

Make it sparkle

Look for glittery gold and silver decorations, tableware and party props for your soiree. Otherwise keep the color palette for your party decorations simple and elegant, like black and white with red accents.

Usher them in with style

Consider renting a red carpet for your porch or foyer or create a “walk of stars” on the floor — cut out stars from gold craft paper and write your guests’ names on each one. Place them along the floor of your front hall or entrance.

Treat them like VIPs

Awards shows are long, so make sure you have plenty of food to keep your guests happy! You don’t need a sit-down meal, but if you like to cook, conjure up some fancy hors d’oeuvres to share. Or you can create a large charcuterie board for your guests to sample a variety of meats and cheeses, sliced bread or crackers and colorful olives and veggies. Follow up with snacks like movie-theater type popcorn and candy.

Limited space? Create a “canape cart” to present your snacks for an extra elegant touch.

Pour the champagne of the stars

Nothing says “awards night” like a great bottle of bubbly. Drink what the stars enjoy by pouring Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut, the sole champagne of Hollywood’s most famous red carpet event for the last six years. At this year’s awards it’ll be served in a limited-edition magnum offering a special tribute to cinema in the Roaring Twenties: a replica of their label from the Prohibition era, which began 100 years ago.

Piper-Heidsieck has long been connected with the movies. In 1933, one of their bottles made its film debut in Laurel and Hardy’s “Sons of the Desert.” And in 1964, the champagne celebrated Rex Harrison’s award for “My Fair Lady” with a tailor-made 48-liter bottle that was as tall as the 5-foot-10 actor himself. Learn more about the rich cinematic history of this unique champagne at

That’s entertainment

Make the night memorable by turning it into an extra-special event, especially during breaks or when the action slows down.

  • Set up a “red carpet” selfie spot with a special backdrop curtain where guests can pose and post pics on social media.
  • Create games like awards show bingo, with squares for things like when a winner thanks their agent or a presenter flubs a name.
  • Provide ballots for everyone to vote for the winners, giving fun prizes for winners — including “fewest correct predictions.”
  • Invite guests to offer their best (or worst!) movie star impressions and guess who they’re impersonating.
  • Play “name that film” using movie soundtrack music.

Thank them for the memories

Give your guests “swag bags” as they’re leaving, complete with treats, a movie-themed game, DVD or other fun mementos — like their star from your “walk of fame” or a snap of their best selfie pose. They’re bound to ask you for an invite to the next awards show party!