Introducing: Lacoste 1951 Collection

Introducing: Lacoste 1951 Collection

Lacoste1951BroadwickFor the initial launch of the 1951 collection, LACOSTE collection explores the ‘ lively white ‘, a key concept of the entire brand’s visual language.

The impact of color “Tennis white” is undisputed: a neutral shade, ready to stand in contrast with the nuance of the grass, clay and hard courts, thus constituting one of the Basic Visual elements of the game itself.

White has embodied the beating heart of the brand’s DNA since the creation of the very first t-shirt designed by René Lacoste, symbolizing the freshness, clarity and elegance of the brand.

Up to the year 1951, LACOSTE produced his creations in one color, the color of tennis, creating and affirming in this way an iconic and indelible style model. Subsequently, LACOSTE began to broaden the types of creations, including shirts, clothing and footwear.

The capsule collection in 1951 total white summarizes the classical forms of LACOSTE tradition inspired by the playing field, embodying the brand’s history starting from the evolution of color.