It’s Back to Brazil in the EY! Summer 2022 Issue

It’s Back to Brazil in the EY! Summer 2022 Issue

An independent magazine created by Spanish Editor Luis Venegas, produced in collaboration with Swedish unisex brand EYTYS, EY! is back with a special edition publication for summer 2022.

Themed “Back to Brazil,” the issue features the most vibrant youth of Brazil.

Shot by Brazilian photographer Eber Figueira, EY! takes on a new format in shape of a 40-page non- traditional calendar in a limited print-only batch of 500 copies.

The publication is focused on celebrating the splendor of youth, inspired by the spirit of teenage publications in the 80s and 90s such as Tiger Beat and Bravo.

EY!’s unique style is a mix of big format, exciting imagery, tabloid-style headlines with strong graphics and short interviews that combine the joyful with the non-transcendental.

Since its creation in 2008, EY! has gained a loyal following. Photographers like Steven Klein, Alasdair McLellan, Kira Bunse, Walter Pfeiffer, Danielle Levitt, Karim Sadli and David Armstrong among others have contributed creating unforgettable images.

The new EY! calendar can be purchased in EYTYS stores, at and at as well as in selected book- and magazine stores around the world.