Kate Moss is the Face of the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 19/20 Campaign

Kate Moss for Giorgio Armani

Kate Moss for Giorgio Armani

Light and personality. The new advertising campaign, shot by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, who have already collaborated with Giorgio Armani in the past, encapsulates the vibrant, incandescent, iridescent minimalism that is the essential Armani style – a language in which the outfit becomes one with the person – in pure and concentrated frames, where even black and white impart a sense of color.

Bold lights cut through the surrounding backdrop reducing it to an essential and luxurious space, accentuating the emerging figure of Kate Moss.

A first-time interpreter of the Armani style to which her feisty, free-spirited sensual presence is brought to bear, Kate Moss stands out as a woman of singular beauty, whose personality and energy decisively set her apart from the fleeting fads of the moment.

Alongside her a supporting male cast with Daisuke Ueda and Thijs Stenneberg, model the menswear selection of the Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 2019/20 Collection, presented for the first time together with the womenswear collection, last February at Armani/Silos.

Each picture is a unique portrait where the outfits in infinite hues of blue, with accompanying gestures and movements, trace a stark outline of essential and polished elegance over figures bursting with character.

Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani