KSUBI “A Radical Departure from Nothing” 2011

KSUBI “A Radical Departure from Nothing” 2011

SYDNEY, Jun 27, 2011/ — It’s the dawn of a new decade. Do we welcome social change or are we experiencing a ‘Radical Departure from Nothing?’ The collection reflects impatience within the community, forcing the rejection of modern society.

ksubi explores rebellion versus conformity, decay versus pollination. Signature ksubi ‘dumb smart’ techniques are applied to classic fabrics from leather to lace, denim to knits to create an unprecedented range for the modern journeyman.

Muted, simplistic and naturalistic tones create the earthly colour palette for the season. Drawing from the elements, hues in blue stone, oyster, shell and storm with hints of dust and rose sit well against tobacco, basic blacks and crisp whites.

Prints are pigmented and non intrusive. Inspired by ancient Navajo and Kazakhstan textile designs, a contemporary approach is taken with the signature ‘Desert DMT’ and ‘Kazak’ print stories created by achieving the look of woven texture through digital techniques. ‘Colour Me Cuckoo,’ designed by new ksubi artist Raina Hede is a patchwork of imagery with hints of Indigenous Australian influence injecting a youthful vibrancy to the collection.

Old world femininity is felt with Broidery Anglaise adding a decorative dimension to stretch silk basics for her. Constructed through multiple panels creating body con designs that can be worn on their own or as layering pieces. Lazer cut cami, skirt, dress and short in rain and black see the architecturally clean lines of the lazer cutting technique contrasted again soft poly cotton fabrication.

With a return to artisan techniques, ksubi denim in 2011 incorporates hand dye finishes and one off customisations.

Applied by ksubi artist Paul Bonomelli sleeveless denim jacket embellished in gold safety pins and dome studding, cut off short with reflective gold foil, and sky blue jean blanket stitched with hand abrasion and bandana patches for distinct and unique looks.