Questions, Only Questions

Questions, Only Questions
Jean Paul Cauvin caught with questions between Paris and New York City - Illustration by Julien Fournié
Jean Paul Cauvin caught with questions between Paris and New York City - Illustration by Julien Fournié

PARIS, Sep 3, 2005 /FW/ — Some only five days before taking off to New York City, I have so many questions. Some are easy to answer if you find the right information at the right time ; some will get an answer only after Fashion Week; some will remain unanswered even after that.

Anyway, I find questions always more humble and less agressive than assertions. So, here are some of my questions on these pre-craze days, just for the pleasure of sharing them with you… (If you have the answers, just give them to me please !)

1. How many blocks from the Bryant Park Tents to the Altman Building?

2. Will we really chose the show we should attend or the show where we think we’ll have fun?

3. How can designers design clothes and then have their looks styled by someone else for the runway?

4. If so, is it advisable to buy designers’ clothes when you don’t have a stylist around to help?

5. Who is the new girl that will hit the runways by storm?

6. Could an American customer/company/sponsor/financier ask Julien Fournié to actually make his illustrations become real clothes?

7. Does « modern » really mean something, or is it just what you say, write, curse with when you don’t know what to say,write, curse with?

8. Will fame prove more important than talent once more?

9. Does the American concept of wearability/unwearability come from a puritan moral background?

10. When you are not invited to a show does that mean you are not supposed to cover it ?

11. Until what age can one be considered a youg designer?

12. When marketing controls everything, can designers still be really creative?

13. Have all designers really studied proportions?

14. What is the best compliment for a collection in New York: « Oh, it was wonderfully marketed! » or « Wow, the clothes were so fabulous! »?

15. When will I have time to go shopping?

16. Will fashion writers influence my taste ?

17. Can you follow your diet with such a schedule?

18. Can money really buy everything, including celebrities’ attendance at the shows & parties?

19. Is it because they want to keep our schedules on time that New York cab drivers drive so fast?

20. Is remaining independant the most valuable thing?

Illustration by Julien Fournie