Real Christmas Trees, Live Poinsettias and a Menorah Bring the Holidays to Northpark Center

Northpark Center Christmas 2013DALLAS, Nov 29, 2013/ — Thanksgiving is a non-religious holiday but its arrival signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and making Black Friday not just a big shopping day but also the day when Wall Street looks closely into the retail industry.

Because of Black Friday, Christmas and Thanksgiving being linked has become the norm. Then we have Hanukkah, which is always associated with Christmas though both are religious holidays, they are nowhere related except that they happen about the same time.

But in 2013, something happened! Thanksgiving and Hanukkah overlapped. Hanukkah, began on November 27th and ends on December 6th. A very rare occurrence (this is the first time that it happened), the next one is in 79,000 years.

At Northpark Center which of course always dresses up for Christmas, real Christmas trees and live poinsettias announce that Christmas will be here in 27 days.

And amidst these decorations is the menorah announcing that it is Hanukkah!

Photos by Mari Davis