Supima Design Competition S16: Julia Han of RISD

Supima Design Competition S16: Julia Han of RISD

Supima Design Competition - Runway - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The ShowsNominated in 2014 for the CFDA Geoffrey Bean Design Scholarship Award, Julia Han is ready to take the fashion industry head on.

She specializes in women’s knitwear and textile development, believing that fabric is the essential part of any design. With a philosophy rooted in the idea of material exploration and fabrics, Han pushes conventional materials and techniques into unconventional ways to create pieces that make you stop and look.

“Fashion is a combination of art, design, culture, business and craft – in short, a culmination of many of the things I’m interested in,” Han says.

Commenting on her collection entry to the Supima Design Competition, Julia Han says:

“Initially inspired by the layered imagery of Patti Smith’s collection of prose poems, The Coral Sea, my Supima capsule collection, translates written poetry into wearable garments. This eveningwear collection mainly plays off of unexpected poetic textures and fabric manipulations in hues of blue. If The Coral Sea was a collection of clothing, rather than words, what would it look like and ultimately feel like?”

Photos courtesy of Supima