Supima Design Competition S16: Lauren Nahigian of Pratt

Supima Design Competition - Runway - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The ShowsIt all started for Lauren Nahigian in the the theater program at high school, where her group entered a competition hosted by the International Thespian Society.

Nahigian’s category in the competition was costume design, and she went on to win first place the two years she competed. Nahigian is an alumna of the Pratt Institute and her participation in the competition is sponsored by Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator.

She focurses on designing women’s sportswear but really admits that her designs are “kind out of out there.”

An abundance of fabric, crazy colors and prints; and intricate embellishments are all design elements that Nahigian uses to express her vision.

Commenting on her entry collection to the Supima Design Competition Lauren Nahigian said:

“1970’s flirty, weird girl. Something’s a little strange about how she looks and acts but you’re obsessed with her anyway. You’ll secretly wish you too were sporting her attitude.”

Photos courtesy of Supima