Supima Design Competition S16: Paige Meacham of KSU

Supima Design Competition S16: Paige Meacham of KSU

Supima Design Competition - Runway - Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week: The ShowsThe adage “from adversity comes greatness” could not be truer in Paige Meacham’s case. A good part of her seventh grade was spent visiting her brother in the hospital and spending hours sketching fashion.

Though that difficult time, inspired by his strength, Meacham decided she would be a fashion designer and take every opportunity that came her way.

A recipient of the Robert R. Broadbent International Scholarship Award, Meacham has focused on women’s ready-to-wear and outerwear. Her love of textiles and fabric manipulation comes through in her designs where embroidery, smocking, quilting and screen-printing play a role in her signature style.

Commenting on her entry collection to the Supima Design Competition, Paige Meacham said:

“My Collection is inspired by my last two years of traveling around Europe and Asia. I believe that traveling is way people form layers. All the places I have been, I noticed the mixture of organic structures and movements, with hard city building lines. This juxtaposition of similar building structures with the vastly different lifestyles all come together to create something beautiful: humanity.”

Photos courtesy of Supima