The Tents at Bryant Park Get A New Look

The Tents at Bryant Park Get A New Look

NEW YORK, Feb 6, 2004/ FW/ — On a rainy wintry afternoon, the tents at Bryant Park opened for the New York Fall 2004 season.


With Olympus as the new title sponsor, the tents have a different look. With emphasis on photographs, the canvas looked like a giant photo of a runway show.

The look of the tent is not the only one that has changed. Instead of three venues, there are now four. Hence from the outside, the tents look bigger, and of course, inside it also look and feel bigger.

2mannequinsf0402_ciOne interesting display at the tent is the “fountain” which is now a display of white naked mannequins displaying the latest Olympus cameras.

The display makes a statement, but the nakedness of the mannequin takes away from it.

People in general are not used to seeing naked mannequins. And though no “indecent exposure” law had been broken, the mannequins being naked was still frowned upon.

Lining up for the shows, comments like, “Is that display finished or what?” and then, “It looks awful. Mannequins should not be naked.”

And the funniest comment I’ve heard, “Wow, the mannequins are doing a Janet Jackson.”

Oh well.

Photo by Mari Davis