Wanted: No Bad Hair Day

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

LONDON, Nov 8, 2010 / — Even during the height of the Great Recession, a Stores Magazine revealed that 40% of said that haircuts and hair colors are something they could not live without. In short, no one wants a bad hair day no matter what the state of things are.

Achieving “no bad hair day” year round begins with a good hair cut and a good styling wand like ghd straighteners which are portable and easy to carry even for weekend trips.

And with the return to the classics as the current fashion trend worldwide, silky curls and tresses are also back in style. And this look is easy to achieve even at home!

Begin by shampooing and conditioning your hair. Think of an artist who begins with a clean canvas. You are the artist and your hair is your canvas.

After washing hair, apply an obedience cream for frizz-free styling throughout damp, towel-dried hair. This will help to define curls and help control frizz.

After applying the mousse, flip hair upside down. Using a hair dryer with a diffuser on high heat and minimum speed, dry your hair completely without touching it with your fingers, as this will help waves form naturally and without frizz.

To infuse wavy texture, you can use one of the styling wands or straighteners that is recommended for your hair. Part your hair in the middle and then section off top and bottom. Twist hair around the styler and pull it out slowly.

You can finalize your look with a bit of hairspray to control rebellious strands and maintain waves in place.