Atlal From Galbi: Seasonless 22

Atlal From Galbi: Seasonless 22

Atlal From GalbiATLAL FROM GALBI is a ready-to-wear brand for both men and women created by Lilia Yasmin in 2019

Sharing culture through its collections, this is the ambition started by ATLAL FROM GALBI since its inception. The label aims to pay tribute to the authenticity, the uniqueness and the artistic dynamics of the regions of the world by relaying a universe tinged with minimalism.

It is in the energy of her country of origin, Algeria, that the designer draws her inspiration to imagine hybrid pieces combining traditions and workwear.

Lilia Yasmin shares through her creations the wealth of multiculturalism that inspires our travels, our heritage and our roots.

This season, the designer Lilia Yasmin wanted to create a men’s wardrobe called “SEASONLESS”.

Started with the observation that fashion season and sustainability are in eternal conflict due to climate change which disrupts the seasons and with the way we consume clothing, the designer thought of an eclectic and adaptable wardrobe thanks to layering.

As its past collections, the brand is committed to an eco-responsible approach that involves reducing intermediaries but also a full Made in France manufacturing.

Inspired by its journey in the Sahara, the SEASONLESS collection reveals a DNA drawn from tradition, illustrated by centerpieces such as a corduroy Bernous which can be transformed in a cape displaying a work of traditional embroidery, adorned with a heart-shaped button, translation of the word ‘GALBI’.

Driven by the culture of the local Saharan population, the brand highlights traditional techniques such as woolen fabric, for the pants and hoodie cords of the collection. Wide cuts with a flared drape, the brand shows a minimalist and structured design for a chic and athletic look, a shout-out for the silhouettes of the local populations.

The vegan leather set Moonpocket is also a centerpiece of the collection and comes with a straight-cut, timeless pants and a signature bomber jacket inspired by rain trenches.

The plurality of materials and texture of the design, highlights the oversized silhouettes, propelling ATLAL FROM GALBI into a very niche atmosphere. The designer’s drawing which have become embroideries brings an authentic touch to the collection.

The masculine silhouette is drawn and mixed with jewelry from the traditional Algerian party wardrobe, such as Louis d’Or and Culture pearls, which become an integral part of the garment. The buttons follow the inspirations of the previous collections and are for the designer a form of jewelry that bring a unique meaning to the clothes.

The common thread of the collection is the direction to the moon that can be found in certain details in particular through the UTOPIA silk print, which fantasizes the fulfillment of the dream in the real world, the round pockets moon pants for a secret storage, as well as the ‘OFF TO THE MOON’ glitter splash prints that represent a mindset in which each dreams become possible.

The ATLAL FROM GALBI wardrobe transmits its imagination through singular silhouettes sharing multiple possibilities of our identity through transmission, escape and dreams.

Photos by: Michael Luppi, courtesy of Atlal from Galbi