Behind the Scenes with Nautica Black Sail

Behind the Scenes with Nautica Black Sail

Nautica - Sketch To Street Style - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014To many, a fashion show lasts only 15 minutes simply because the runway show is on average just that long. But, what you see on the catwalk is just the tip of the iceberg on how a collection truly comes together.

Catching up with the Nautica Black Sail design team just two weeks before fashion week itself was like being in a controlled maelstrom. It looked topsy-turvy at first glance, but there is actually a logic in this state of seeming confusion.

First, we look at the actually sketch of the apparel, which happens to be jacket. This original sketch was of course done months ago. From the Creative Director’s desk it had gone to the technical designer who actually translated this design into a pattern for a sample to be created.

Sounds simple, right? No, it’s not that simple. The drawing and the patterns will go back and forth between the design team and the production team. There is of course quality control involved too. What this means is that these three teams collaborate to create the final product or look that you will see on the catwalk.

In an ideal situation, the samples (the ones you see on the runway) are produced preferably a month before the show. But, situations are not always ideal and there are times when samples arrive two weeks even one week before the show.

Nevertheless, show casting has to be done. And once the models are chosen, fitting comes next.

Seen here is Chad White who was being fitted for Black Sail by Nautica Fall ’14 Fashion Show. As you can see, the winter jacket is the main apparel that he would present. The design team styles a whole look. Nothing is left to chance. A lot of thought is given on which pair of trousers, shirt, shoes, socks, sunglasses, watches and other accessories will go with the main look.

It goes without saying also that Chad was also measured so that everything fit perfectly!

Photos are snapped and notes are taken. Everything that is needed for Chad’s look is noted and stored according. Again, in an ideal world, there will only be one fitting. There are times when it will take more than one fitting. In Chad’s case, he only needed one fitting.

The next time we saw Chad was on the catwalk for the Nautica Black Sail Fall 2014 show.

Photos courtesy of Nautica