Brazil Attends Paris Fashion Week with Shows From More Than 30 Companies

Brazil Attends Paris Fashion Week with Shows From More Than 30 Companies

Brazil in ParisParis Fashion Week is the most anticipated event on the world fashion calendar. From September 27thto October 1st, the City of Light welcomes the press, digital influencers and international buyers from around the globe.

The Brazilian flag is represented by a large number of fashion companies attending Splash Paris, Première Classe Tuileries and Tranoï trade shows, as well several showrooms that take place throughout the city. There are more than 30 Brazilian fashion attendees’ brands, from beachwear, women’s apparel, footwear, accessories and jewelry divisions.

This effort is supported by the projects of Brazilian fashion internationalization Fashion Label Brasil by ABEST (Brazilian Fashion Designers Association), and Texbrasil (Brazilian Fashion Textile Industry Internationalization Program) by Abit (Brazilian Association of Textiles and Apparel), both in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments).

According to Flávia Queiroz do Egypto, Fashion Label Brasil and Texbrasil projects at Apex-Brasil project manager, this is the largest number of Brazilian brands ever supported by the current partnership at the French fashion week. “This action is the result of the work that has been built for many years, showing the maturity of Brazilian companies and how they position themselves on the global fashion scenario,” Egypto explains.

From September 27thto 30th, Tranoï trade show take place for the apparel and accessoriesdivisions. Fashion Label Brasil attendees’ members are brands Arte Sacra, Brennheisen and Iorane; Texbrasil attendees’ members are brands Skazi, Vitor Zerbinato and Leafy Natural Couture.

“We have high expectations at Tranoï. In the first half of the year we had a very positive feedback on the event, so we decided to come back now. This is the fifth time we attend trade shows in Paris during PFW, we seek not only to supply the customers we already have in Europe and the Middle East, but also to expand our portfolio with each edition,” says Carolina Malloy, from Arte Sacra.

According to Letícia Morato, from Skazi, the brand started its internationalization journey about two years ago, currently attending the Parisian trade shows for the third time, and is already reaping fruits. “Our main goal is to build customer loyalty and conquer new markets,” Morato says.

Lilian Kaddissi, the program executive manager, says that the participation of Brazilian companies at Tranoï is very strong and has the best team. “It’s a very competitive market and the whole world is keeping an eye on corporate image actions during this week. We have brands with strong added value and, thanks to the continued support at the trade show, Brazilian fashion has been gaining great visibility with buyers. Therefore, our expectations are the best ever”, Kaddissi comments.

From September 29thto October 1st, Splash Paris takes place in the city. Fashion Label Brasil brands- Lenny Niemeyer and Nannacay- and Texbrasil brands -Clube Bossa and PatBO- show their summer 2020 collections at the event, founded in 2016 by Alexandra Lyles and Claire Spencer-Churchill.

At Première Classe Tuileries, there are six attendees’ brand members: Augusta, Catarina Mina, DOTZ, Florita Beachwear, Mariah Rovery, Roberta Mattos, SERPUI and Serpentina.

“After attending the Who’s Next trade show in Paris and The One Milano in Milan, we will return to Paris to introduce our sustainable concept during the Premiere Classe Tuileries. Our goal is to strengthen the position of a sustainable company in the international market and foster sustainable practices among brands and players in the same division, as well as expand our network of contributors,” says Rodrigo Doxandabarat, from DOTZ.

Showrooms in Paris

Brazilian brands also feature their collections in independent showrooms: Alexandrine at The Westin Hotel, Ana Khouri at the Ritz Hotel, Fernando Jorge at the Les Jardins du Faubourg Hotel, Lapima at the Lutetia Hotel and Wai Wai at 81 Boulevard Beaumarchais.

Brand collective Meerk, Lily Franco, Akra Collection, Osklen, Lolitta, Cabana and Haight attend Blanc Fashion. “Akra Collection’s entry into the digital platform was of great importance to the brand’s growth. For our second show, we had the collection sold in over eight countries. We visited the artisan communities and shared with them the ideas exchanged during the fashion week show in Paris, ongoing the work of developing a socio-economic support network for the Northern Brazil communities”, says Samuray Martins, fashion designer of the brand.

Adriana Degreas has chosen the Barefoot Chic showroom, while Sophia Hegg will have her pieces exhibited at Studio Zeta. Clube Bossa, Helen Hodel and Leafy Natural are showing their collections at the Areia showroom.

“Being so well represented during one of the most important fashion weeks in the world further enhances the creative potential of Brazilian designers who each year consolidate their presence abroad. Paris will be able to know the mix of Brazilian products that so differentiates us in the international market. We have become a reference in beachwear and we are gaining more and more visibility in other divisions such as women’s apparel, shoes and accessories”, concludes Paulo Lourenço Bartholomei, ABEST’s president.