Coinonia Catches the Eyes of Fashionistas

Coinonia Catches the Eyes of Fashionistas


MILAN, Oct 17, 2011/ — Established in Milan in 2010, Coinonia is a women’s fashion label designed and directed by Kiho Kim and Momoko Hashigami.

Still in its infancy, its first collection – Fall 2011 was unveiled in Paris where its universal theme of creating ‘Conceptual Contemporary’ garment and accessory caught the eye of fashion critics.

Experimental and architectural shape, dynamic cutting, and sensitive details and colors are then introduced to define their characters. Narrative and conceptual mood is always there as the essence of their work.

Feminine but masculine, still but dynamic, tender but hard… These contradictions are the source of their creation to give a birth to new designs.

The label’s second collection (Spring 2012) entitled “Dual Nature” employs two contrast natured materials in one piece, such as soft and hard, transparent and non-transparent, natural and synthetic, also feminine and masculine, elegant and sporty, still and active feeling to see and feel the unexpectedness in one garment.