Day 3: AOL Just Lost Me at Fashion Week

Day 3: AOL Just Lost Me at Fashion Week

Musing on New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

NEW YORK, Sep 11, 2010 / FW/ — With AOL sponsoring the press room for Merdedes-Benz Fashion Week, we would expect that it would give it’s best and fastest internet access especially that this is the debut season at Lincoln Center.

Unfortunately, this season is proving to have the worst Internet access possisble for this journalist inside the “tent” called Lincoln Center.

Alright, I am griping. For a long time now I have been saying here that New York has the worst press room in comparison to London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks.

That AOL, a company that earned it’s notoriety on providing internet access to millions of Americans during the 1990s and early 2000s kept my hopes up that finally, Internet access under the tents will be at respectable speeds.

Well, I just have to keep on hoping. First AOL forces us to log every time. There is no automatic logging on which is the norm even at Bryant Park. We haver to identify the networkc and wait to be recognized.

That’s about 10 minutes! Once your online, it is so slow, it feels like you are on dial up.

I want to write here that it has been a good experience but all I have is waiting to be connected.


New York Fashion Week Spring 2011