DKNY Launches DKNY PR Girl Blog

DKNY Launches DKNY PR Girl Blog

NEW YORK, Jul 1, 2011/ FW/ — With the tagline “When 140 characters isn’t enough” (a witty reference to Tweeter), DKNY launched blog that promises to post anything from branded and behind the scenes content to personal anecdotes.

Everything you need to know is in the first post. And, if you something familiar, it is also because the DKNY PR Girl site also re-blogs all the amazing posts that are created daily by the supporters of the brand.

For DKNY PR GIRL, it’s always about what’s current and her stream of consciousness. Content will be about things she loves and wants to share with those who care to read.

The Details:

The To Do List: DKNY PR GIRL’S “To Do List” has all our branded assets hot linked in a personal to-do list format

Tweet stream: The most recent tweets

Apps : Donna Karan and DKNY app downloads