Everlane’s Newest Collection Is Made Entirely of Recycled Plastic

Everlane’s Newest Collection Is Made Entirely of Recycled Plastic

Online fashion retailer Everlane is known for its minimalist, basic apparel and, importantly, as a brand making an impact on the fashion industry with its ethical practices. Everlane stands by its mission of “radical transparency,” making consumers aware of the true cost of the merchandise they are purchasing. Now, the company is pushing itself further by addressing the immense global plastic waste crisis with its ReNew collection, as described via a statement on Twitter:

“When was the last time you bought plastic?

If you’re like most of us, it was probably today. A water bottle at the gym. A yogurt on the way to work. You might have used it for 30 seconds- then thrown it away.

But here’s the hard truth: Once plastic is made, it stays on the planet forever.

In just 60 years, we’ve created eight billion tons of it. Plastic is poisoning our oceans, clogging landfills, and destroying the environment. The worst part? Companies are making more than ever. And we just keep buying it. There’s only one solution: Eliminate virgin* plastic – and instead, renew what’s already here. We believe businesses have to lead the way, so we’re starting today. Introducing ReNew, a collection of outwear made entirely from discarded plastic bottles. About three million of them. ReNew also marks our commitment: to eliminate all virgin plastic from our supply chain by 2021.


That includes our products. Our warehouses. Even our offices and stores.

We know we’re only a small piece of the global puzzle. But together, we can make a big impact.

So let’s ditch the plastic where we can, and renew what’s already here. It won’t be easy. But things worth doing rarely are.” The ReNew campaign has a special page on the Everlane website that features a grim counter of how many plastic bottles are made in real time, along with a graphic depicting how many tons of plastic is made per year.

Moving forward, all new Everlane products containing synthetic fibers will be made from recycled plastics. Everlane is also looking to change its corporate culture by not allowing the use of single-use plastics in their offices.


The ReNew collection features parkas, sweaters and puffers for men and women, made from 3 million recycled bottles.