Eyewear Trend: The Cat-Eye has it

Eyewear Trend: The Cat-Eye has it

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The “CAT EYE” – an iconic eyeglass shape since the 1950s.

Hollywood immortalized it when Audrey Hepburn wore them in the 1961 classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” while Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly adopted them for their own everyday style.

Shortly after, the “Cat Eye” became an eyewear accessory crucial to creating a feminine and sultry look. Fast forward to 2014, and the cat eye has once again graced us with its presence. Modern-day Hollywood trendsetters from Nicole Richie, Olivia Palermo to Jessica Alba have all surfaced rocking this retro chic look.

California-based, Italian-made luxury eyewear line, SHAUNS California (www.SHAUNSCalifornia.com), sources inspiration from classic styles and for the summer 2014 season, SHAUNS has modified this bold shape for the 21st century for an updated twist.

With numerous versatile “cat-eye” shaped styles in this collection, there is one that’s sure work for anyone’s face shape. Trends change from day to day in this generation; however, the “cat-eye” look has been constantly resurfacing throughout the decades, proving it to be a worthwhile investment and the perfect accessory to keep around for years to come.

Styles available at select Neiman Marcus department stores. To shop the full collection online, visit www.SHAUNSCalifornia.com.

Shauns AilsaSHAUNS “Ailsa” available for $305.00: A Cat Eye for the Statement-Maker

For the statement maker, who likes to take risks with fashion, the “Ailsa” style is the perfect go-to. With a distinctively feminine two-toned frame, the flared arches serve as the benchmark for the rounded cat eye, which is offered in a divergent number of interesting gradients of acetate.

Shauns IslaySHAUNS “Islay” available from $215.00: A Cat Eye for the Minimalist

The “cat-eye” style is a daring one. If you aren’t quite ready to make such a bold statement, the SHAUNS “Islay” style is the perfect way to start small and slowly ease in to the trend. This popular style from the original launch collection has carried over through the seasons, proving to be the standard.

Shauns EskSHAUNS “Esk” available from $250.00: A Cat Eye for the Glam Girl

Larger sunglasses in neutral colors are always a stylish way to bring together a casual outfit or to make an evening cocktail hour look a tad more relaxed and cool. The “Esk” style in nude is statement making and easily brightens up any face, with just a hint of the girly “cat –eye” shape for every day.

Shauns TireeSHAUNS “Tiree” available from $275.00: A Cat Eye for Indoors – An Upgrade To Your Optical Game

Whether you’re looking for a fresh and sleek new pair of opticals or simply want to change up your look from wearing contacts every day, the “Tiree” style from the SHAUNS recently launched Optical line is the perfect solution. This style offers a new, refined take on the ever-popular “cat-eye” shape with a combination acetate and stainless steel front that is distinct and timelessly sophisticated.