Façonnable Spring-Summer 2014: Island Hopping the Mediterranean

Façonnable Spring-Summer 2014: Island Hopping the Mediterranean

Faconnable S14 Women (4)

For Spring/Summer 2014, Façonnable energizes the warm-weather wardrobe with impeccable takes on French casual chic. A sartorial adventure that begins on the Cote d’Azur and then journeys on to Capri, Santorini and ultimately Zanzibar, the spring collection brims with thoughtfully designed colorful pieces.

Travel enough throughout the Mediterranean during the summer months and you’ll soon come to acknowledge a daily rite— the moment the sun begins to set. It’s here where Façonnable’s Spring/Summer ’14 collection begins.

Channeling the singular spirit of island life in the Mediterranean, the design team succeeded incrafting a collection that marries the appeal of an easy summer evening with the integrity of clothes that stand out in any setting.

For women, the collection establishes a freshpoint of view, at once steeped in elegance but far from self-conscience. These clothes — fun and colorful — embody the spirit of the French Riviera girl on vacation.

Slightly quirky, infinitely feminine, the collection plays with pattern, print and color to great effect. Sleek silhouettes, from slightly cocoon-shaped driving coats to trousers and slim tunics are full of the unexpected.

Jacquard knits get the graphic treatment with bold geometric patterns while the linings in jackets and coats get the whimsical treatment with dreamy insect and bird patterns. Fabrics include pretty silks, crisp linens and comfy cottons. Optimistic and bright-eyed, the collection is a master class in natural beauty.