Héraclès: The Working Bags from Nunkis

Héraclès: The Working Bags from Nunkis

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PARIS, Jan 5, 2013/ — NOREEN SALLUSTI and NATHALIE SASIZZA, the design duo behind Nunkis have sought out a way of carrying work bags, and their answer is the Héraclès collection.

This big and small business bag collection for men and women are both modern and timeless to which it is conceivably distinguished by each individual forms and its proposed carry-on capacity.

Héraclès is robustly structured and proposes a better choice of a high-end quality daily bag and utility cases. While cowhide is opulent in this theme, galuchat is used here as a precious décor element. Some color display of ‘blue roi’ showcases the color symbol of Nunkis.

Number of Pieces: 3, ‘Héraclès aime Mégara’ a 13” computer bag for women, ‘IPAD PM’ is a small Ipad case, and IPAD GM is a big Ipad case.
Materials: Galuchat or Sting Ray leather, Genuine Leather
Finish: Brass and Hand sewn

Photos courtesy of Nunkis

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