ICYMI: Li-Ning x Wade – Wade 10th Anniversary

ICYMI: Li-Ning x Wade – Wade 10th Anniversary
Survival of the Fittest

The Origin of Species Evolution is never about following in the footsteps of others, but about transcending oneself and becoming a better being.

Always stay competitive and pushing boundaries, that is build in our DNA.

Make Your Own Way


Top signature shoes with the BOOM technology the lightest WOW series sneakers in history

Since Wade retired, Russell and other young players have represented Wade’s series on NBA court. Adapting to today’s faster-paced era of small balls, their steps need to be more flexible.

The WOW series are committed to providing athletes with a comfortable foot feel and the most reliable midsole support, helping them move flexibly and smoothly on the court through technological upgrades:

Equipped with full-palm Li-Ning Boom Technology, boosts up fast-start and reduces the shoe weight.

The weight of a size 9.5 shoe is only about 372 grams, which is the lightest in WOW history. In addition to providing top-notch technology, it is committed to optimizing the structure of shoes for players and consumers, hence further improve sports performance.