Introducing: Paule Ka Arty Print

Introducing: Paule Ka Arty Print

paule Ka S14

Part of the pattern? Perhaps… but by no means conventional! The Paule Ka Arty Print is inspired by designer Serge Cajfinger’ love of the South of France, of the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic,

Reminiscent of a childhood spent in Brazil, these four new art-inspired prints reveal Serge Cajfinger’s fondess for sunshine, summertime and elegant design… An unbroken pattern.

Vallauris – The colors of the South of France pay a cheerful tribute to Picasso, and more specifically to the 1950s, when he first brought fame to the Vallauris pottery makers. A blend of dark and bold shades that merge and emerge, as if leaping straight from the paintbrush and onto a white canvas.

Ceramic – Black and white, gently cracked and lined. A game of light and shadows lends an air of fractured pottery to cotton poplin or jacquard pieces. Much like fragments of tiles found lying among the brambles, their every fissure bearing the traces of time.

Rainbow – A zesty, picture-perfect print. Bold flashes of contrasting color are juxtaposed to from a geometric pattern. For a silhouette bursting with playfulness and energy!

Blossom – a print based on a single flower, but how spectacular. This graphic, almost abstract take on the arum lily sees a stunning red corolla spring from a backdrop of black and white. Chic, no-nonsense and high-impact.