MagnaReady Self-Buttoning Shirts Simplifies Dressing with Magnets

MagnaReady Self-Buttoning Shirts Simplifies Dressing with Magnets


Invented by Maura Horton, MagnaReady® shirts uses magnets instead of buttons. With the magnets cleverly hidden in the plackets, to the unknowing eye, a MagnaReady® shirt looks just like any other dress shirts.

Oh yes, there are buttons out there; but those are just for looks. Hidden inside the placket of a MagnaReady® shirt are powerful magnets that link together for a secure closure.

Decorative buttons grace the exterior of MagnaReady® shirts for a crisp and professional appearance without the hassle of manipulating tiny buttons into buttonholes. You will never have to worry about missing a button or lining them up wrong again.

MagnaReady® dress shirts are wrinkle-free and stain resistant with barrel cuffs and a spread collar. For even more convenience they are also machine washable. Simply press the shirt closed so the magnets are stuck to each other and the shirt will tumble around the wash cycle without attaching to the machine.

MagnaReady® men’s dress shirts are currently available for in solid white and chambray, blue plaid and blue gingham.

MagnaReady® women’s shirts are available in white and stripes. The MSRP for the MagnaReady® shirt is $64.95 or two shirts for $119.00 with free shipping. For more information visit: