Mosi Bicycles: The Latest Craze Just Got Fashionable

Mosi Bicycles: The Latest Craze Just Got Fashionable

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If you’re from the Dallas area, then you’ve noticed that at Downtown, bike lanes have cropped up on city streets. In a city where the term “riding” usually meant horseback riding, redefining that term on city streets to mean bicycles goes to show that biking is no longer a craze. It is here to stay.

And Dallas is not alone. In the DFW Metroplex, like other urban areas in the U.S., bike lanes and bike routes are becoming part of the landscape. And thus, making bicycles a must-have item; and speaking of must-have bicycles, San Francisco-based Mosi Bicycles is on top of the list of the fashionista cum biking enthusiast.

Founded in 2011, San Francisco based Mosi Bicycles is a producer of vintage and European-style bicycles combining timeless design, functionality and enjoyment all in one exceptional ride.

For any person who is not afraid to mix eclectic, old-school elegance with personal style, these chic bicycles are a fresh touch and are sure to add excitement to the day ahead. With clean lines, classic colors and comfort all fused into four unique models, these sleek bicycles can be taken anywhere and everywhere during the upcoming seasons.

“There is no doubt that bicycles have been relevant since the 19th century – but our Mosi collection is far more interesting,” said Darren Buck, President of Mosi Bicycl es.

“We strive to create a fresh take on a classic – joyful cycling that not only puts you in a good mood but is sure to turn heads and create buzz. I like to think of them as an extension of your personal style and an easy way to add charm to any outfit.”

Mosi Bicycles currently has four very distinct styles in the Mode collection that flawlessly fit each person’s unique style. With high-tensile steel frames and rear roller-disk brakes, the rider has the ability to control performance as well as experience a consistently balanced ride.

The specially crafted accessories that accompany these bicycles are of the Buck & Wing collection – the saddles and grips are made of genuine Australian leather which have been chosen for each ride with style and precision in mind.

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