Nunkis Presents the Spartois Shopping Bag and Clutch Bag

Nunkis Spartois (1)

PARIS, Jan 2, 2014/ — Paris-based designers NOREEN SALLUSTI and NATHALIE SASIZZA, the duo behind Nunkis created the ‘Spartois shopping bag’s’ polyvalence for daytime use to which it completes the ‘Spartois clutch bag’ for the end of the day to evening wardrobes.

With materials used as lambskin leather and galuchat, a layering notion was applied on the ‘Spartois clutch bag’ making us aware of our tactioception or in other words sense of touch.

Predominantly, lambskin leather is more distinct in this theme by its overall detail elaborated by some small belted straps on one side, the other lapel with a central curved form that is a result of its framing to which the beauty of the galuchat leather is highlighted.

The set also contains a ton sur ton detachable ‘Spartois mini-utility pouch’, designed as, to refer to the smaller version of the ‘Spartois clutch’. A choice from some variety of colors for the ‘Spartois mini-utility pouch’ are also available for purchase.

Number of Pieces : 2, ‘Spartoi shopping bag’, ‘Spartoi clutch bag’ .
Materials: A layering system : Lambskin, Galuchat or Sting Ray leather
Finish: Brass and Hand sewn

Photos courtesy of Nunkis