NYFW Men: Carlos Campos Spring 2016

NYFW Men: Carlos Campos Spring 2016

Carlos Campos MS16 (19)The Carlos Campos Spring 2016 Collection is inspired by the mysterious “Forastero”, the outsider, the stranger in a strange land. A common theme in Latin American literature and culture, the Forastero arrives in town, perhaps from the capital or from a far off place to work.

A solitary figure, quietly going about his business or sitting alone in the cafes or plaze, he is a traveler transcending both time and place – noticed by all, but never known.

“Growing up in Honduras, I was always struck by the Forasteros, these men who came to our town to work, who kept to themselves, and although they were outsiders, carried themselves with a quiet confidence as if they had always been there,” says Campos. “Often, they dressed in a sleek uniform-like way that telegraphed that they were from another place without making them stand out.”

Campos was inspired to emulate the solitary romanticism of this traveler and his methodical wardrobe for the Carlos Campos Spring 2016 collection. By creating a utilitarian look inspired by the uniform, Campos tells the story of a man on a journey while maintaining the attention to detail, tailoring and minimalism he is celebrate for.

“This collection is about a man who is confident and relaxed in his look,” comments Campos. “My designs for this season may seem lighter, yet underneath they are still very tailored – with an almost clinical approach to layering.

Designs for the season are constructed in light layers in a streamlined palette of green hues and accented with pops of camel and red camouflage prints. In line with Campos’ inspiration, the collection is sleek in appearance yet relaxed.

Suits are classically constructed and modernized with drop rises and a wider cut, longer leg pant. Blazers are belted and paired with notched collar shirts in muted solids and tropical palm prints. For Spring 2016, Campos are redefined his signature bomber jacket by elongating the welt pockets.

Photos courtesy of Carlos Campos