Olivia Palermo: A Jewel in her own right

DALLAS, Jul 31, 2012/ — We know her as fashion’s “it” girl; yet to Madrid-based jeweler Carrera y Carrera, Olivia Palermo is a muse, the face that completes their “Musica” collection with its music-inspired jewelry including stackable rings, statement necklaces and exquisite earrings in yellow and white gold with diamonds, onyx and other precious materials.

“All good music resembles something,” famed artist, poet and filmmaker Jean Cocteau once said. As the new face of Carrera y Carrera’s “Musica” collection, Olivia Palermo seems to agree. Wearing pieces from the collection is like watching a symphony being played.

Expert craftsmanship paired with imaginative designs truly describe the new “Musica” collection by Carrera y Carrera, whose pieces have been inspired by guitar strings, musical notes and flowing skirts. Just like Olivia does with her style, “Musica” is a collection where emotions are expressed in each of the exceptional pieces.