Tall Women Unite: National Stand Tall Week is Apr 16th-22nd

Tall Women Unite: National Stand Tall Week is Apr 16th-22nd

NEW YORK, Apr 4, 2012/ —Studies have proven that tall women are richer, smarter and more powerful than their shorter counterparts.

That’s why National “Stand Tall Week” is coming to the US – an initiative to empower and educate tall women on why they should be proud of their height. (Think tall style icons Brooke Shields and Kate Middleton!)

Running from April 16th – 22nd, Stand Tall Week includes a national survey that offers compelling data on how women feel about their height (what stereotype tall women most wish would be broken, what percentage of women have fibbed about their height, and who won the vote as the top tall style icon), a special website at StandTallWeek.com, tall tips and tricks from Arianne Cohen, 6’3” author of The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life from on High, daily deals from British retailer Long Tall Sally, and more.

With that, being tall means standing out. There’s no hiding from a wardrobe disaster when you’re in full view, plus you might as well stand out in style. Author Arianne Cohen has struggled with finding clothes that fit properly for most of her teenage and adult life.

Here, Cohen offers the “Five Rules of Tall Shopping.”

1. If it doesn’t fit perfectly, skip it. On tall bodies, fitting errors are obvious – and the truth is that how your clothes fit is often more important than what you wear. If a tailor visit can’t make it perfect, leave it on the rack.

2. Avoid cute. Walk right by frills, ruffles, and anything that could be described as puffy or girlish – these are not for tall women. Tall women can do elegant, sexy, well-dressed, and jaw-droppingly hot. Not girlish. Every year, 20-30% of the clothes that come down the catwalks are cute. Avoid.

3. Do a “Waist Check.” All outfits should clearly define where your waist falls. Without definition, tall abdomens can look like a wall of body. This means buying t-shirts, blouses, jackets and dresses that come in at your waist (and not where a 5’4″ woman’s waist would be); even loose dresses and tops should give a sense of your natural curves. This is the number one mistake of tall women everywhere.

4. When in doubt, err dark. Tall women often look best in solid, darker colors, simply because bright colors sometimes make bodies look bigger than they are, as can busy prints. Splashes of color can come from your bag or accessories; lean toward subdued, tonal or black-and-white prints.

5. If you don’t feel amazing, tall and beautiful in it, don’t buy it. Really. Even if your shopping buddy tells you that you look amazing. Feel good, look good, do good.