The Wizard Satchel and Clutch from Nunkis

The Wizard Satchel and Clutch from Nunkis

Nunkis Wizard (6)

PARIS, Dec 31, 2013/ — No, this is not a bag that Harry Potter will use, though Hermione might. It will not even surprising if Emma Watson falls in love with the Wizard from Nunkis.

For the Wizard, Nunkis designers Noreen Salusti and Nathali Sasizza added some amusing detail of brass elements while sticking to the luxe , genuine leather and galuchat which they are fond of using. But this time though, galuchat panels are applied on copper frames, the décor belongs to engraved elements representing ancient symbols.

Number of Pieces : 2 ‘Wizard satchel’ and ‘Wizard clutch bag’
Materials: Galuchat or Sting Ray leather, Genuine Leather, Lambskin
Finish: Brass and Hand sewn

Photos courtesy of Nunkis