Day 7: Rant & Rave

Day 7: Rant & Rave

Musings on New York Fashion Week Spring 2011

NEW YORK, Sep 15, 2010 / FW/ — On the penultimate day of the New York Spring 2011 season, I looked at my blog posts and realized that I have been ranting about 80% of the time! What had happened to me?

I guess it’s because I have classified these musings as a blog so it really had become highly opinionated and very personal, which in turn made me think of the bloggers attending the season.

For two seasons now, I have wondered why the “young” fashion bloggers seems to be the best thing after slice bread. I understand that our culture has a tendency to look put whiz kids on a pedestal. But, think of these teenage fashion bloggers as experts? I don’t know whether I should think that the fashion industry as a whole had gone over the cliff or they just have become so enamored with technology.

Now, here I am ranting and raving again when what I really want to say is that the first season at Lincoln Center has turned out to be a good experience. I like the idea of the courtyard wherein we can just sit and relax in between shows.

It has also become a smoker’s haven which surprisingly, there are fewer fashionistas who smoke now. Either the price of cigarettes had become prohibitive at $10 a pack or most had gone healthy.

Another thing that I like is FashionGPS. If it is working it is great but like any new technology, it breaks down during the most inopportune time. It just needs a few tweaking and it will be perfect next season. Waiting time has been cut down to ZERO if FashionGPS is working.

I also like the bigger space afforded by Lincoln Center. The catwalk venues are about 30% larger than those at Bryant Park so there is less congestion. We can actually go in and out fast.

And finally, I like The Box where presentations are being held. Young designers which find holding a catwalk prohibitive can now show at the “tent” where the majority of the press are present.

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Spring 2011