Getting Minxed at Ashley Isham’s

Getting Minxed at Ashley Isham’s

LONDON, Feb 26, 2011 / — Ashley Isham’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection was a delightful combination of tough girl chic and elegant softness, and U.K. nail stylist David Barton collaborated closely with the designer and the brand stylist Celestine Cooney to create a combination of Minx and polish to capture both elements in the model’s nail fashion.

David started off by applying Maybelline Midnight Blue polish to all the models to represent the “toughness,” and then to soften the look, he applied a layer of Golden Lightning Minx.

“Once the excess Minx was filed off, a cotton wool pad soaked in acetone was dabbed onto the nail to reveal the polish underneath,” explains David.

The result was a deliciously unique textured look overlaid in gold which caught the light as the models went down the runway.

Photos courtesy of Minx